I’m a freelance Multilingual SEO and Localization Project Manager (Certified). I offer customized and strategical SEO advice and customized SEO PjM management to multinationals, medium and small businesses, and startups worldwide in competitive industries & complex environments. My goal is to help companies enter non-English-speaking markets they are unfamiliar with.

I believe in the power of content and the importance of focusing on the users and the user’s intent, no matter the product or the niche.

I offer customized and strategical SEO support, customized SEO PjM management, and Digital Marketing Strategies; being multilingual, I also provide professional translation and localization services in multiple languages. In addition, I regularly teach workshops and speak at industry conferences with a particularly recognizable Italian accent.

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Freelance Services


Multilingual SEO

Optimize your website globally or locally to get found on the most important search engines in your markets. Click for more info.

Online Strategy

Localization Project Management

Ensure you provide your users with an experience that feels local and scale your business globally. Click for more info.



Irrespective of content type, format, or channel, translate, localize transcreate content to make sure they’re relevant to your business and your market. Click for more info.

Multilingual Content Writing

Discover the power of content to resonate with your target audience in their market and build brand awareness. Click for more info.

Multilingual Digital Strategies

Build your brand and implement the perfect digital strategy across channels that align with your unique business goals. Click for more info.

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