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I’m a freelance digital manager, specialized in SEO and Content Management. I offer supports to small, medium, and big companies in planning and executing their digital strategies in their market or in the phase of expansion into other markets. I believe in the power of content and the importance of focusing on the users and the users’ intent, no matter what is the product or the niche.

I offer short and long term consultancies in SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing, as well as professional translation/localization services, seminars, online tutoring and classes, customized programs for individuals and companies.

Have a look at my website, my services, my clients and tell me everything about your business or digital needs!

Let’s Grow Together!

The Freelance Services I offer


Content Writing

Discover the power of content to resonate with your target audience in their market and build brand awareness. Click for more info.

Online Strategy

Digital Strategies

Build your brand and implement the perfect digital strategy across channels that align with your unique business goals. Click for more info.



Optimize your website globally or locally to get found on the most important search engines in your markets. Click for more info.

Social Media Marketing

Plan your Social Media and Paid Strategy to make the biggest impact in your target markets. Click for more info.


Irrespective of content type, format or channel, translate and localize content to make sure they’re relevant to your business. Click for more info.

Training/ Courses

Learn Digital Marketing and start taking care of your business. For individuals and businesses. Click for more info.

Some of my clients

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