veruska anconitano

Veruska Anconitano – Food and Travel Journalist, Content Creator, Online Marketing Manager and much more. I live in Dublin, I smile a lot and I’ve chosen to be happy in life and work.

Hi, my name is Veruska and I’m a Journalist and content writer (and social media manager, SEO Consultant, and Digital Strategist) living in Dublin, Ireland. I know, my name doesn’t sound Italian and it’s not Italian at all but trust me: I am!

I have a degree in Communication Science and I’ve been working as journalist and writer for more than 20 years now; my main goal was to become a recognized print journalist but I’ve soon turned my head on the Web and started working in the online space.

After my degree and an experience at the European Parliament in Dublin, I’ve decided to become a freelance and in 2003 we’ve created one of the first Italian independent online magazines which we’ve let go in 2013. In the meantime, I’ve started to work as a freelance writer and editorial coordinator with a good number of magazines and companies and I’ve refined my knowledge of SEO both from a content and a technical perspective.

I’ve collected lots of experience as an online marketing manager (PPC, SEO, events, etc) and, when social media started to rise, as a social media manager as well so I finally have managed to use all the three expertise working for big Italian and International brands (see my portfolio for more info)

In 2010 I moved to Dublin with my husband and I’ve opened my food and travel blog, LcsKitchen, which is giving me a lot of visibility and recognition and it’s become a big part of my job, both in Italian and in English, as it has opened me different ways for working with brands and magazines as well.

I’ve written a few books and what I’ve learned in doing this is that with rigor and discipline you can achieve great personal results.

In January 2018, I’ve been awarded Best Food Travel Journalist 2017 by the WFTA in Portland.

Today I’m mostly a freelance writer and a strategist for companies, small and large, Italian and International; I follow integrated projects taking care of their implementation in full. But I do a lot of many other things including many estimates and because proportionally just a few of the estimates I make are accepted I’m thinking of becoming a writer of estimates just to find a different niche market.

I’m also a speaker at international events and conferences and in 2017 I’ve been chosen to represent Ireland and the International Media at the Board of Directors of the World Food Travel Association.

You can read more about what I do here or look at my portfolio that does not contain all the companies I work with and worked in the past because often a freelance’s work remains anonymous although it is fundamental.

What do I do when not working?

  • I travel, with a purple suitcase and a photographer
  • I cook (I told you that it’s a job but also a passion!)
  • I watch tv series, even the most unknown… well, particularly the most unknown
  • I cherish my irony, to others and to me, injecting trash on my mind
  • I laugh a lot. And I talk, too much.