The best planners for professionals and how to choose the best organizer

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Which are the best planners for professionals and how to choose an organizer that will fit your needs? Here my top picks for best planners of 2020 for professionals to plan out an amazing 2020!

Despite the rise and shine of smartphones, tablets, and apps both for Apple and for Android’s systems, in the past few years, there’s been a renaissance of paper planners to keep up with things and get your life, professional and personal, completely organized.
If you are one of those people still in need of paper and pen, you are probably wondering which is the best planner out on the market and how to choose the best one for your 2020. The following is a simple guide to help you find the right paper planner based on your needs.

How to choose a planner

A planner allows you to organize your time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and for this reason, must really fit your needs and also your personality. These are some of the considerations to be made when choosing a planner:


How will you use your planner? Do you need an action planner where to take notes of everything you’ve to do but also plan new stuff and projects? Do you need to add additional things to your planner to make it even more functional? Or you only need a space where to take note of your meeting and stuff? Make sure you identify your planning needs and also your purpose to be sure you will find the best solution.


How will you use the planner? Do you need to bring it with you in your purse o luggage? How many pages do you need? But also: how larger is your writing style and how many things do you need to write down every day or week? This is one of the biggest choices at the beginning because it will influence all the others: if you’re a super organized kind of person, with an impeccable writing style and everything perfectly in order, you won’t need a big planner but a portable one. But you could also need a big one just to make sure to include everything in it. A big planner can be definitely more usable but it can also be way more heavy and hard to bring around. That’s why many people decide to double the investment buying a big planner to be left on the desk and a small one to be brought everywhere and where to only note important matters.


Inside Space

The above considerations lead to a big one: how much of inside space do you need? How many information do you plan on recording? You can decide to go for a weekly planner with big squares or a monthly one with small squares; but you can also go for a daily planner with a lot of space where to write, take notes and so on. Or a comprehensive one, if you’re the type of person into big planners.


Lately, many people are influenced, when choosing a planner, by how it looks like more than how useful it is. Make sure you track down your interests and what inspires you to choose a pretty planner or a normal one. No matter your job: you can end up with a super pretty planner even if you work in a bank or you can end up with a plain and simple planner even if you’re a marketer. You have to use your planner all year round so stick to your need without being influenced by other people’s choices.

Other things to consider

Binging systems are pretty popular these days but they can be tricky if you use your planner on the go: a spiral or a classic binding, the choice is really personal here. Same for the price: planners can be bought at any price and there’s no need to be overwhelmed ’cause also the cheapest ones can perfectly do their job.

The more you become aware of your needs, the easier you’ll be able to recognize if a planner is going to work for you or not.

The best planners for 2020

There are thousands of different kinds of planners out there to choose from and that’s why the following is just a small and personal list of planners that I think have to be taken into consideration and that I have used over the years.

Happy Planner

The discs used by the Happy Planner to keep the pages together are the add-on to this huge planner. It comes in different styles and colors and thanks to the discs you can add as many pages as you want. Stickers, pens, and many other things available to buy. Available in few sizes, also a portable one. Click HERE to view the entire range of planners.

happy planner

Erin Condren’s Life Planner

One of the most loved and desired, the Erin Condren’s Life Planner comes with a 12-month or an 18-month calendar. You can customize it by changing the cover, the style and even add your name or a quote on the front. Plenty of extra stuff to be bought separately to make the planner looking even more persona. Buy your Erin Condren’s Life Planner and its accessories.

erin condren

The Passion Planner

Simple, easy to understand and one of the planners where the no-frills idea is brought to life at its best. Not simply a planner but a real journal where you can add exercises, goals and also projects. Basic layout. Click HERE to view the entire range of planners.


The Leuchtturm planner

A super-smart yet plain planner, ideal for the one interested in a versatile but linear planner. Clearly defined spaces and lines; each month occupy two pages and each day is then organized into segments. Plenty of space and pages to write down a to-do list or everything else. Buy your Leuchtturm planner.


The mother of the planners, used by millions of people from all around the World. A classical design, neat and well-structured pages. This is my favorite choice: it’s durable, classy, portable and it comes in more than one size and format so that you can really choose the one for you. It’s not fancy but you can customize by adding stickers and everything you want to make it your “own” planner. Buy your Moleskine planner.


Other planners


Recycled paper, plenty of space and no-frills: planners from Muji are so minimal they can be the way to go if you want to keep everything simple.


A classic planner, around for ages now. Not a big fan myself but it’s flexible and gives many options both if you’re a planner maniac or if you’re just looking for a simple diary where to keep track of your meetings. You can buy the cover and replace the pages year by year for what it is considered a lifelong planner. Buy your Filofax.


Directly from South Korea, Paperways offers a few choices to people interested in keeping everything under one planner: you can choose the yearly planner and the 12 un-dated monthly planners. Buy your Paperways.


What if, instead of buying a planner, you make your own? It doesn’t require a great amount of time and it’s one of the best ways to create something you really enjoy and use. Choose the notebook you like the most (can be any kind of notebook), add the dates (or don’t, up to you) and start using it. Easy, cheap or expensive just in regards to the notebook you’ve picked up and unique.


So, what’s the best planner for entrepreneurs out there?

There’s no answer to the question: it’s a personal choice and for this reason, each of the above planners is a strong contender if you’re looking for a reliable planner.
Another recommendation: we’re allowed to make mistakes in purchasing a planner because what we think can be work, maybe won’t work. So, no worries if you fail at your first purchase but learn from your mistakes, get to know your needs and your interests and your shopping will be better and better.

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