Digital marketing in 2016? Here’s what you need to know

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Every single year the same story: what will be the next trend in marketing? We can’t surely say what is going to happen but we can surely notice some elements we will find useful in 2016. Analyzing them will help to keep us ahead of the curve and ready for new challenges.

1. Location based marketing

The 2016 will be, more than the 2015, all about location and location based services. This means offering consumers and people instruments whoch allow them to get the most out of their experience in a physical location. An example? A supermarket pushing out notifications on offers to people near to it inviting to spend in a certain way.

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2. Mobile first

So far the majority of the visitors of a website comes from mobile and in 2016 this will be even more true. Companies, brands and marketing agencies must adopt mobile as the first choice in promoting services or campaigns to capture audience in mobility and give them the opportunity to enjoy a comprehensive experience. Yes, we’ve heard this for many years but it’s happening for real now!

3. Advanced search

Google has still the big numbers when it comes to search engine but with the new opportunities given by the social media this world is rapidly changing. In 2016 this trend will become even more interesting, especially if Facebook will release its own search engine.

4. Integration of digital and traditional marketing

It can sound strange but yes, in 2015 only 7% of the worldwide companies have properly integrated digital and traditional marketing and you know why? The lack of planning and of understanding that digital and traditional need different skills and expertise. In 2016 most of the companies are expected to start the integration still keeping the experts separated to obtain better results.


5. Content Marketing and its ROI

A good content marketing is able to convert and bring value to a company. So far a lot of companies have moved in a rough way and without a proper plan. This has meant lack of measurement of the ROI and, clearly, no good results. The 2016 will probably be the year we were expecting: companies will start to pay attention to good content and measure them. This will also mean finding good resources to produce good content and not just the cheaper ones. Last but not least, SEO is not dead… it’s just changing and requires experts and people able to embrace the changes.

6. Influencers and end users

If the influencers will become more and more powerful if strictly related to a niche (travel, food, hi-tech. etc etc) the end user will become the focus for brands and companies. All the marketing efforts will be directed to satisfy those buyers and to find ways to engage with them.

7. Native ad

No more invasive ADS but a proper plan to create branded and sponsored content able to fit within the context and give the reader and the consumers a good user experience. Native ad also includes in-feed ad and product placement: two other ways for brands to be recognized without being so aggressive. Ad-Blocker is around the corner, better get ready!

8. Podcasts

Podcasts are around for years but brands and companies are now starting to discover their power to connect with a broader audience. No wonder why Netflix has just launched its own podcast… and probably more companies will follow Netflix in 2016.


9. PPC and Social Ad

PPC is not dead but it has to evolve and become more and more customized and focused on lists of interests rather than on keywords. It will perfectly integrate with the Social Ads which will soon become the main focus for brands (according to eMarketer in 2017 social network ad spending will become the 16% of the total digital spend).

10. Videos

I’ve already mentioned videos and we’re all quite sick of hearing the phrase “This will be the year of videos!”. To be honest 2015 did prove that videos are exploding and probably 2016 will see a big growth giving businesses the opportunities to engage their audiences and become humans building loyalty and trust. It really seems videos will be the main trend in 2016 (Home Depot has already started!).

11. Email marketing is not dead

The email marketing will be revamped using new tools and it will better attached to mobile. It will require customization and a better use of CRMs to track customers’ behavior and send them tailored offers. Re-targeting via email will be stronger in 2016, especially for small businesses with a low budget.

For sure we cannot be sure about what is going to be trendy in marketing in 2016 but for sure we can say that the digital marketing will continue to grow and innovate. Let’s meet next year to see what’s changed!

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