How B2C Businesses Can Use Snapchat Effectively

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Snapchat seems to be ready to take over Facebook and, someone says, Instagram as well: its immediacy allows everyone to share real-time pieces of life without subjecting them to various filters and cleanings. If Instagram has used us to look at perfect lives, Snapchat in part accustoms the eye to normal lives. Or at least that’s what it apparently does seen that, like all social media, what you share is what you want to share, designed and modeled to appear in one way or another.

If individual users, including bloggers, can use this social media to show their lives in real time and interact with their followers, companies and big brands can get even more benefits from Snapchat given the fact so far they have been far from the End Users.

Let’s start with the basics: Snapchat is not for all companies but for those who want to get closer to consumers or reach new ones. It is not for companies that deal with B2B since this is an entirely different market.

What are the strengths of Snapchat for consumer oriented companies?

1. It allows to reach a younger audience

Snapchat was born as social media to youth, millennials, those who need everything at once. A company that is able to keep pace, providing faster updates, on time and with eye-catching creativity today risks of attracting a different type of customer than in the past, the so called Millennials which, according to comScore, are the majority of the Snapchatters in the U.S. (60% of total users). The opportunity to interact makes Snapchat suitable for communicating with a more informed and aware audience. LACMA’s Snapchat presence is stunning, they can easily reach a targeted audience difficult to reach in other ways.

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2. It gives a sense of humanity to a brand

With Snapchat you can show the human side of a brand or a company, the people who make up the production line, the “behind the scenes”. A significant aspect when trying to direct sales through online channels. Aer Lingus is using Snapchat to show people its world, the people behind the airlines, what happens at events and during a normal working day.

3.Increase sales via content

Create awareness towards you and your brand in a manner consistent with market objectives and targets to be reached, Snapchat also allows you to increase sales. The more a brand is able to create a strategy of Snapchat, it’s unique and diverse compared to other media it uses, and will succeed in the long term to convert. An example? Marriott has signed partnership with influential bloggers to create a strategy that will show on Snapchat hotels, events and a whole range of elements that the brand had never been able to communicate. The result is content that led, in the US, the group’s sales.

4. Uses the sense of urgency to invite to act

The fact that the snaps will disappear after 24 hours make them wanted by people. Imagine what happens if a brand put a special offer on its profile and make it available only for a few hours… that’s where Taco Bell is really ringing the bell.

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5. It allows to build personal customer service

Imagine a brand interested in bringing the relation with its customers to a different level: it could ask customers move the conversation privately on SnapChat to receive support. The only condition for this approach to work is that the brand has to be highly responsive and, for this reason, this is an approach only a few companies can adopt today. A great example? iOgrapher is using Snapchat to connect directly with its customers and offer them support and customized help in case of needs.

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