Quit your job and travel? Why it is not necessarily the best idea

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Admit it, how many times have you heard and read, especially in recent years, of people who have left everything and have started to explore the world, becoming long-time travelers? And how many times have you thought: I want to do it too, I want to leave everything and travel! Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge or you’re just thinking about leaving everything and hitting the road, quitting a job to travel might not be a good idea.

Despite the many invitations from those who have made this choice, traveling full time isn’t for everyone and the advice “if you’re not happy just quit your job and travel” is not that smart! You know why? Because traveling the World full time is not easy… otherwise, everyone would be quitting their jobs and starting to travel.

Let me be more clear… and honest!

Money Money Money

Do you feel that money is something not to consider? Try to think about all the articles you’ve read and all the advice you’ve heard: how many of them took an emphasis on the economic issue? Can you count how many of those who tell their fairy tales as long-time travelers also tell you how to keep the cash flowing, and how they have been able to make certain choices, and what’s their plan in the long term? Unless you have a large bank account, a job that allows you to have some pretty stable revenues even at a distance, or someone who supports you financially, then leaving your job to travel might not be the best choice.

We all need a long-term plan

Even if you hate your actual job and the routine of everyday life, how do you plan to deal with the post-euphoria of the first months of travel? You’ll need to be aware that slipping into a pair of flip-flops and a backpack to explore the world also requires a minimum of planning if only to avoid running out of money and end up having to shovel elephant poop just in exchange for a place to sleep. And ask yourself: where do I see myself in five years? If you have the answer at hand or you do not care, then pack and leave; but ask yourself the question and try to give yourself an answer.

Life is (also) routine

Traveling, if you do it in a serial manner, can become an annoying routine, not too different from the office-home routine. Repeating the same things, if only to get on a plane over and over again.
And never pull the plug, forcing yourself to travel because it is cool or to justify a choice, can lead to not enjoy the trip itself precisely because of too much routine. Does it sound familiar?

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The perception of reality

Traveling opens your mind, it is true, and the fact you can enjoy other cultures is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us in our life. But what can easily happen when traveling is that the perception of reality is altered, and also the relationships are altered. The big risk is not to understand our siblings’ needs and choices and not to be understood. Basically, you can end up living an unreal life…

There’s more than just appearance

Serial travelers, those who have left everything looking for adventure, never talk about their “behind the scenes,” and when they do, the pill seems less and less bitter than it actually is. The pictures you see on Instagram (btw, do you already follow me? If not, click here NOW!) may not reflect the reality because everything needs to communicate how cool life on the move is and what you’re missing if you’re not choosing to leave everything behind. Think about it: do you really trust everything you see? And if not, what’s the downsize? And are you ready to take the downside of traveling as well?

Real experiences from real people

Do this exercise: Google “travel full-time problem” and have a look at what many long-term travelers write, just to realize it’s not all rose and flowers.

So, in conclusion…

Do not leave… just live!

Are you sure you really need to leave everything behind and just travel, travel, travel? Why not change your life, one step at a time, and adapt it to your needs without letting her taking control of your choices?

Think about it, you just need to:

  1. Learn to (re)discover what surrounds you and find the beauty;
  2. Cultivate your passions to the point that, and if possible, they may become a job;
  3. Do everything possible to find a job that is compatible with your skills and allows you to travel and work, even if you decide to travel for a long time;
  4. Cultivate your inner well-being that goes through the perception you have of yourself and what you do, without the suffering of any confrontation with others.

Traveling takes work and work, sometimes, can be boring and stressful… embrace the challenge if you feel ready to, but never forget: a perfect life doesn’t exist!

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