Blogging vs Social Media: what’s the best choice?

blogging vs social media

Blogging vs Social Networking: what’s the best choice? Do I really have to write a blog if I can just work on my social media where I already have a huge amount of followers?

Lately, I’ve been hearing the same phrase, again and again, and again: “Does it make sense having a blog if I can just work on social media? Do I really care about my blog even though I have many followers on Instagram?”. It’s clearly easier to think about today and take advantage of what social media gives us, losing sight of the possibility of building a future that goes beyond time.

Today, social media exerts tremendous power and allows to reach a big number of people interested in what we say, where we are, what we do. Ease in content usage, speed in the same fruition, a mode of fruition other than normal and “mobile” make social networks the ideal port for those who create content today. Ideal but with limits, willing or nil. Do not misunderstand me: social networks are extremely useful and needed but they must be linked to something else for the reasons that I am going to list.

Five reasons why, today, a blog is of paramount importance

You are the one who controls the technical changes in total freedom. On your blog, whether it is professional or personal, you have the freedom to decide what to change, when to change and why to change something from a technical point of view. On social networks, you are controlled by the algorithms, by other people’s decisions and how they want to show your content. Let me be practical: a few months ago Instagram has released a new algorithm based on which today users can only see a lower percentage of content compared to the past based on a presumed interest. This presumed interest is however established by an algorithm and this directly impacts the general engagement of the posts. Sometimes social network changes are in favor of users, but sometimes they are not. If you make technical changes to your blog, you will decide which ones and make sure that those who read you continue to do it and maybe even do it again. more.

Thanks to the blog you have benefits in terms of followers as well as engagement and traffic

If you focus on social media, what return do you have on the blog, its traffic and the content you produce? Usually, the traction is very low and even those who use social networks stop at those and only rarely can you effectively see a conversion. Having a blog that works means taking credit for the visits, the engagement, and all the annexes.

Blog is evergreen

Simple and fast: content on social networks is lost within a few minutes, those on the blog will always be there and they will have even more value after some time.

The attention span on the blog is higher and the reader more attentive

The attention span, the threshold of attention on social media, is very low, it is said around 15 seconds, while good content on a blog or any other platform that allows the writing and the argumentation of thoughts requires a different forma mentis, a propensity to listening and a greater interest. The reason is simple: reading requires in-depth study and those looking for further information are willing to read content over content in order to find the answers they are looking for. All points to the benefit of those who manage a blog, as long as it does so consistently.

You can stream all your channels through the blog

The cooperation between social channels and blogs can happen through the blog that should become the hub from which all your content is streamlined and then conveyed in a different way, for example on social media.

Having said that, it is wrong to think that the blog exiles from the presence on social networks; the two things need each other, always remembering what to prioritize.

The reasons why, today, being present on social networks is of paramount importance

Social media gives visibility

Being active on social media guarantees you visibility and makes you known, driving brand recognition wherever possible and, if you are looking for sales or want to sell through your blog, they do this too.

Social media help organic positioning

No one has ever confirmed this theory but various analyzes have shown that social sharing and signals help content to position itself better on search engines. Read this research to know more.

Social media help in building relationships

Whether your business is food, travel, beauty, marketing or whatever,  being present on social media will allow you to build relationships with other people and with companies potentially interested in your services and what you offer.

What’s the solution? Should you focus solely on your blog forgetting about social media? Or what?

There is no definitive answer but there is a coherent approach if you accept the points above: social media should be cultivated just like always keeping in mind that the blog that cannot be set aside for third-party platforms. The two instruments are integrated and support each other but the future is built on real content to be “exploited” in the long run that thanks to social networks come to life and allow a real relationship with those who follow us. Or simply, with those who are looking for an answer.

Defining the role that social media takes on your blog strategy is crucial, but that’s another story…

Do you want to step up your game in digital marketing, SEO, content, and social media?

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