I try to answer to all your questions. If you have more, feel free to ask to me directly.

So, in the end what you do it for real?
I write, to avoid chatting too much. And I also create and decide strategies which is the dignified word to say that I plan things for companies or individual users to make them obtain economic benefits and visibility.

I need a consultancy but you’re a freelance and I do not trust freelancers, why should I choose you?
Because when a freelance work he/she is happy! Each single freelance is organized, meet the deadlines and without occupying a weird location into the office. Agency/company using freelancers save money because we do not have to incur to the fee for the management of employees but what we require it’s only the fee for the completion of the work.

Ok, that’s fine but how can we do? You live really far from me…
Technology helps us to work even at distance without losing time or wasting money and expertise. We just need Skype, a stable connection and the willingness on both sides. I do not pull back, what about you?

So, how do you work if I ask you for a consultancy?
If we do not know each other, just send me a detailed enough request and I’ll answer you back as soon as possible to ask for more details before moving on to a possible chat by phone or Skype. Once I have all the information, I’ll send you my quote for the required tasks and wait for your approval or not. If you accept the quote you will have to sign a short NDA and I will start to work (often after the payment of a deposit if by chance we do not know each other. This will save me and you as well).

What if I do not want to accept your quote?
You are free not to accept my estimate, holy moly! But I expect honesty, always, and I always prefer to be re-contacted with a negative response rather than not being told anything at all because in case you’ll try to contact me again I’ll not even reply back to you!

What about prices?
Prices depend on what you’re looking for and what you want me to do. My prices vary according to the type of the request, the type of relationship and its duration and also the methods for carrying out the project.

Can you invoice?
Of course but because I live in Ireland I do not apply VAT and that’s the reason why you have to hire me! My rates are competitive compared with those of people who must pay taxes. Is this not enough?

I do not trust you, can you convince me?
And who I am, Santa Claus? I cannot do anything to convince you! Just have a look at my portfolio and see what they say about me online. BTW I can get you a piece of homemade cake to persuade you…