Finding content for your website: 7 winning strategies

Finding content online

When it comes to finding content for your website, there are a various amount of theories one can follow: using Google Trends, working just with keywords or choosing topics we like, without thinking to the readers to much. No matter what approach one uses, for sure a business needs to carefully plan its content marketing and do whatever it takes to publish content related to the business itself.

Publishing content is vital to establish an online presence and it doesn’t matter if you publish monthly, weekly or daily blog posts; the most important thing is to stay consistent both with your schedule and your topics of choice.

How to find content for your site, so to be consistent and at the same also grow your readers and your brand?

I’ve just explained to you the “content cluster approach” which can be explained as an aggregation of content around one single topic. This approach will give you quite a big amount of topics for your website, and it will give you the opportunity to experiment and find the best ones according to your needs and your readers’ needs.

Not everyone wants to adopt the content cluster approach, but as I explained everyone needs good content to keep a business alive. It doesn’t matter how you choose your topics, but it is crucial to find reliable sources and providers which can help in producing content for your website.

Finding content for your website

If you’re looking for content for your website, and you already have your topics or your clusters in mind, you can follow these tips and source content for your website, so to publish content that meets your marketing needs.

Allow guest posts

The basic: if you allow guest posts from people from your industry, you’ll have pieces of content that will perfectly meet your needs. Once you’ll open your business to guest posts, you’ll receive so many requests that you may end up overwhelmed. That’s why it’s crucial to clearly state the rules and only accept guest posts that follow your rules. Every business decides its rules according to its needs, but always keeping in mind that users’ satisfaction and company’s needs are met and that the guest post is not a mere promotional piece of content, written by someone looking for free advertising. So, make immediately clear that if a link is added it has to be relevant and of an high quality (guest posts are very often used to get backlinks!) and that the content submitted can be proof-read and edit, eventually modified to meet the company’s standards.

Hire a Freelance writer

Finding content for your website can be very hard especially because if consistency is key, finding the time for writing can be hard. Hiring a freelance writer is a good move if you want to keep your business alive: the less you wanna pay, the less quality you may receive so my advice is always to look for the stars and eventually pay a bit more to get a professional service. You may decide to hire someone with no experience and give this people the instruments to learn the basics or you may go for an expert writer, able to deal with your topics in the most professional way. Either way, you need to invest and this means you need to spend time to find the right person, train this person and eventually to get used to him/her. Give both you and the writer some time to understand everything and if the relation doesn’t work, just be transparent and look for someone else!

Re-Write your old content

Taking old content and re-writing them is easier than just starting from scratch and the results can be incredible. If you re-work all of your older content, your content marketing results will improve for sure and you won’t have to make a big effort.

Buy content

A lot of people decide to sell their articles, giving the buyer the right to publish this as your own. There’s a difference between hiring a freelance writer and buying content from a content farm or random writers: in this second case, in fact, you can’t commission articles but you can find articles that are suitable with your needs. You can purchase, edit and publish them even with your own byline. The downside is that the same articles can be sold to more people, so it’s always good to look for exclusive content rather than just for content.

Roundup posts

Roundup posts are an incredible way to get superb content related to your niche, giving exposure to other people in the same industry and receiving exposure from them as well. Of course, you need to write the article/content but it’s basically content curation what you’ll end up doing: for example, you could interview people in your industry and, after having received their answers, just write a small introductory sentence and your new article is ready to go!


Sometimes, we don’t need a lot of words to explain something. Pictures can say more than words, even when it comes to business (e.g. do you know Benetton and its famous image-based campaigns?) so why don’t avail of this opportunity and create something unique and different?

Share other people’s job

We tend to think that sharing what other people are doing is not good and we are giving away free advertising. The reality is that sharing is really caring, and sharing can lead to free and unique content but also to create a community around a topic from different perspective. Don’t be mean… sharing content created by someone else can be a valuable asset for your company. Think about an infographic, for example… someone put effort, create something valuable and useful, is really that bad to share it and use it?

These are just some winning tactics on how to find content for your websites, which will allow you to be consistent and in-target without loosing quality.

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