Localization Project Management

The localization industry is growing each year. Localizing content means managing everything in your portfolio and assets, bearing in mind different languages and cultural specificities.

I’m a Certified Localization Project Manager with years of experience in multiple industries. I execute the localization strategy for companies on a tactical level and collaborate with team members to move translation projects from start to finish. I apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) frameworks to plan, execute, monitor, and finalize every Localization Project by integrating the Agile method for a better workflow.

Localization Project Manager Services

  • Set up and manage each step of the localization process
  • Oversee end-to-end localization workflow across the team
  • Coordinate freelancers, localization vendors, linguists, subject-matter experts, and internal stakeholders
  • Document each step of the process and optimize it
  • Communicate internally and externally with stakeholders
  • Proactively assess project risks through prioritization, bug management, and any other means necessary
  • Balance translation costs and project budgets
  • Explore, assess, and select relevant AI technology to make the localization and linguistic tasks more efficient and less costly
  • Define the quality requirements and metrics for all content that require localization
  • Define the most relevant KPIs, monitor the metrics, and provide ROI assessment inputs on localization investments
  • Interface with developers and other teams to manage and implement requests
  • Report on results, failures, and issues
  • Measure the efficiency of the existing process and review it to improve it
  • More, based on your needs and goals.

Localization project management services can be combined with SEO project management services for joined processes, projects, and goals.

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