Localization Project Management

The localization industry is growing each year. Localizing content means managing everything in your portfolio and all your assets bearing in mind different languages and cultural specificities.

I’m a Certified Localization Project Manager with years of experience in multiple industries. I execute the localization strategy for companies on a tactical level and collaborate with team members to move translation projects from start to finish. I apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKĀ® Guide) frameworks to plan, execute, monitor, and finalize every Localization Project by integrating the Agile method for a better workflow.

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Freelance Localization Project Manager Services

  • Managing each step of the localization process
  • Overseeing end-to-end localization workflow across the team using translation management tools and systems
  • Coordinating freelancers, localization vendors, linguists, subject-matter experts, and internal stakeholders
  • Documenting each step of the process and optimizing it
  • Communicating internally and externally with stakeholders
  • Proactively assessing project risks through prioritization, bug management, and any other means necessary
  • Balancing translation costs and project budgets
  • Exploring, assessing, and selecting relevant AI technology to make the localization and linguistic tasks more efficient and less costly
  • Defining the quality requirements and metrics for all content that require localization
  • Defining the most relevant KPIs, monitoring the metrics, and providing ROI assessment inputs on localization investments.

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