Are you looking for a freelance SEO consultant to make sure that your site will gain more traffic? Do you want to make sure that your traffic will turn into customers? Do you want to position your site at the top for a specific keyword? Are looking for someone who will work within SEO without being called an Expert or a a Specialist? Do you want to rebuild your site and its content but you do not know where to begin with the optimization for search engines?
Here I am!

I’ve been working as an SEO Consultant for over 18 years and when I work on a project I analyze and find solutions taking into account these key components:

  • On page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Technical requirements
  • Social Signals
  • UX

So, what can I do for you?

  • Site’s analysis
  • Keywords’ analysis
  • Competitive analysis and market niche

Starting from this analysis, I then will structure a comprehensive SEO strategy customized according to my client, his target audience and the objective to be achieved. The main element of my SEO strategy is the UX and the respect for the end user in the full knowledge that if humans like a piece of content (an article or a site or a landing page for CRM, etc) then search engines will love it.

Just remember that a real SEO does not guarantee placement on the 1st page and he/she never guarantees quick results (be suspicious of those who guarantee these results because if it was so simple we would have found the key to success!) but for my experience a good SEO strategy, supported by other tools, is able to make a difference in the long run: just be patient and do not play dirty.