How to be and become a good Web Content Editor

how to become a good web editor

The Web Content Editor has the task of creating content for the Web and it’s one of the most desired jobs among people interested in the “online things” and in making some money. In reality, things are not just so easy because as with all jobs being a Web editor also requires skills and for sure it’s not for everyone.

What Does a Web Editor Do?

A Web Editor writes all the content for the Web and he is the equivalent of a journalist for print media except that he has shorter spaces available and often even tighter deadlines. It differs from the Web Copywriter which is primarily concerned with promotional content. Often, incorrectly, the two professions are covered by the same person but since these require two different professional backgrounds often the result is anything but professional.

What skills does a Web Content Editor need?

1. 1. A good Web Editor knows the SEO but it is not obsessed
If you think that writing online wants just to say doing SEO then you’re on the wrong track. SEO is part of online writing but if it becomes an obsession and is applied incorrectly it leads to a completely opposite result. That’s why there are the SEO Specialists that are not called Web Editor and those are the ones that in an ideal world support the Editor. A good Web Editor knows the SEO but he/she also knows where to stop to avoid giving birth to monsters like the one below.


2. A good Web Editor can write in his/her primary language

It seems trivial but if you want to write online and make a living out of this you have to know your native language more than anything else.

bad grammar

3. A good Web Editor is also a researcher and a wizard

A researcher is able to find information related to a certain subject, is able to create content from them without copying the original ones and is also able to get something out of every single source. He or she does everything quickly and also in a good way… like a magician!

maga magò

4. A good Web Editor is able to adapt without any problems
Being asked to write about something you don’t know or you don’t like it’s normal. If you want to succeed as a Web Editor you need to be able to constantly change the subject of your writing as per the requests from your customers.

5. A good Web Editor is capable of adding multimedia to any content
A good Web editor can add multimedia to any content without anyone asking him…


6. A good Web Editor is part of a great team
A good Web Content Editor plays in a team made of a Web Content Manager (the person who manages the Editor), a Social Media Manager, a Community Manager, etc. Often these figures overlap because of the usual rule of “everyone can do everything” but the projects that work are those where people share tasks and expertise based on their experiences.

Not forget 3 more elements which make a Web Editor a good one: an innate curiosity, a keen sense of duty and the knowledge of the online etiquette.

I’m sure you’re now asking yourself…

How to Become a Web Editor?

If you want to become a Web Editor you have to study and it’s not true that when you are online you are also good at writing and communicating. Some people recommend courses and training but I believe that the most important thing is the practice alongside perhaps more specific courses. Surely having a blog does not make you a Web Editor unless you can not claim some experience in other situations but it is also true that having a blog allows you to experiment and make mistakes. I suggest one of the courses in the area of Content and Scripture among those organized by Coursera.

Imperial macchina da scrivere

What’s the salary of a Web Content Editor?

There is no just one tariff but a lot depends on the type of company for which you work, the area for which you work, the type of work required. Usually a Web Editor is a freelance with his own tariff which varies according to the value he attributes to his work and also on the basis of past and present experiences. The good rule says not to lower the price just to get the job: it goes against your professionalism but also against the value you give to yourself. The more you lower the price, the more you won’t study because you’ll be unsatisfied.

How hard is to find a job as a Web Content Editor?

The market can be saturated but I’m sure there will always be room for serious professionals, the ones who worked hard and always will. Surely the competition is very high but with the stubborness, awareness in what you do and being sure that you do better than those who are improvising finding a job as a Content Editor is not that hard.

Do you want to step up your game in digital marketing, SEO, content, and social media?

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