How to Find Inspiration: 10 Tips to Find Inspiration and Inspire Others

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Being inspired is an amazing feeling. Being able to inspire those around you? Absolutely incredible. But what happens when that feeling of inspiration seems to start to fade? The feeling of wanting to be creative and challenged, just suddenly gone in the blink of an eye. Think about your life and your day-to-day. What inspires you on a daily basis? It could be a number of things. Some of your inspirations may stem from your career, your family, your friends…any number of things. Inspiration can be drawn from people by anything that they feel inspires them. There isn’t a handbook for teaching people how to be inspired, but each of us wants that feeling. We want to be inspired by someone or something and we want to inspire those around us as well. If you feel like you are struggling with ways to feel and be inspired, here are 10 tips to find inspiration in your daily life.

Expand your mind

Learn something new. Challenge yourself. Check out a book from the library that you wouldn’t have normally wanted to read. Write out thoughts as they occur in your mind. You never know when and where that feeling of inspiration is going to hit or where it is going to come from. Don’t limit yourself to things you already know. Open your mind to allow that inspiration to flow.

Be one with nature

Take a hike through the woods to see if you feel inspired. A good, brisk walk in the fresh air may do you a world of good.

Study someone who you admire

Channel your inner history love here and think about someone from the past that you admire. Study them and read about them and their accomplishments. You may find yourself inspired and excited by their journey and anxious to get started on yours.

Take a risk

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the nerve to? It may be time to give it a go. Inspire yourself to take a safe risk.

Unplug from the outside world

Distractions can cause drama, and drama can be draining to the creative mind. Allow yourself to unplug from the outside distractions and take that extra time to connect with you and your thoughts.

Test out a new hobby

Inspiration is fueled by creativity, so why not try to create something new that you may end up loving to do? Take control of your own lack of inspiration and try to create it yourself.

Live your best life

If you are able to wake up each day and give every day your best, that’s inspiring to so many people. Be the voice of others in showing how putting yourself and your happiness first can lead to helping to inspire those around you.

Be open to new experiences and thoughts

Sometimes, we aren’t accepting of inspiration if we don’t agree with it or understand it. Be open to exploring new topics and thoughts with someone else in a conversation. You may be surprised how having a great conversation with someone can really ignite your creativity and innovation.


Take time to reflect on the day. Think of what you accomplished, what you didn’t, how you interacted with others and how you communicated. Then, allow yourself to grow and learn from those reflections. Each day is a new day to find inspiration in how to be better than the day before.

Break it down

If you are extremely busy and running from here and there in your everyday life, you may be stifling your own creativity and inspiration. Take a break and give yourself a much-needed rest. Think of it as the opportunity to recharge with the intent of coming back more energized and refreshed than before.

Remember, inspiration comes from all different areas and avenues of life. Don’t limit yourself and your abilities by trying to find creativity in outlets that you’ve used in the past. Explore the options out there and try a few of the suggested tips listed above. If they work for you, you may find that you suddenly have more inspiration and creativity happening in your life than you thought possible!

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