How to Find Your Monday Motivation if You’re Self-Employed

Monday Motivation

Mondays can be hard. For most adults, Monday means the end of the weekend and the start of the work-week. To be honest, most people aren’t exactly excited about that alarm to go off on Monday morning. It means the responsibilities of the week and work are the present and the fun, care-free weekend is in the past.

Why is it that the weekends seem to fly by, but Monday morning tends to crawl like a turtle? And the even crazier thing? For most, this is a normal feeling that occurs each and every Monday. Every 7 days, the majority of adults have the Monday morning blues. While it is common and widespread to feel this way, it doesn’t have to be your outlook for Monday’s. Lose the phrase “Somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s” from your vocabulary and try to embrace Monday with a fresh and positive attitude. It may seem difficult, but it’s doable.

Here are a few suggestions on how to dig deep and find that Monday motivation

Get to bed earlier the night before

Lack of sleep can cause us all to feel cranky and unprepared to tackle the day. Try to get to sleep a few hours earlier than normal and see how it affects your mood. You may find that a few extra zzz’s really help put a pep in your step on Monday morning!
Smile before your feet hit the floor

The moment you hear that alarm clock beeping, smile. Don’t stretch, don’t stand up and walk around…just smile. Try to start your day with a smile to see if it paves the course for the remainder of your day.

Remind yourself that it’s only 5 days until the weekend

Funny to think to immediately tell yourself that when you literally just got done with the weekend, but it can work. If the workweek is less than your favorite aspect, then pump yourself up and start looking forward to the next upcoming weekend. 5 workdays until the next time to relax? You can do it!

Understand the need to welcome Monday

Dig deep and ask yourself what Monday means to you. Is it time for you to go to work so you can earn money to live the life you want? Use that as your motivation. Is Monday a time that you make money to support your family? It sounds like a great motivator to me.

Think of something that excites you about Monday

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. Just ask yourself to think of something that makes you happy when thinking of Monday. Do you have a coffee date with a friend or a lunch date with a co-worker? Those are things to look forward to for your Monday. Use those items to get pumped up for the day.

Plan something fun for your Monday

If there isn’t anything exciting going on to motivate you on Monday, plan something yourself! Plan a fun dinner outing with a friend, or go to the movies for a late-night show. If your Monday doesn’t have anything exciting already planned, move forward with planning something fun for yourself.

Energize yourself

Starting your day with a good hearty breakfast and a cup of strong coffee can be a great motivator to get your Monday rolling. Caffeine and protein are great resources to give that extra energy you may need!

Accept that you aren’t a fan of Mondays

Sometimes, we just have to accept that we aren’t a fan of Mondays. And that can be okay. As long as you can accept it, and not dwell on it, you can then control it and move forward accordingly.

Have your family hold you accountable

If you are still finding those Monday blues hanging around, ask your friends or family to hold you accountable. Have them politely let you know when you are being negative about your day so you can understand it and recognize it and learn to move away from doing that behavior.

Dreading Monday morning rolling around doesn’t have to be your normal every-Monday feeling. There are ways to try to be excited about Monday morning. See if any of the suggestions above can help you in your journey.

Remember that Monday’s happen every week, and if possible, starting your day with a positive outlook will help you tackle each and every Monday in the future!

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