Multilingual Digital Marketing Strategist

Whether you need to internationalize your digital marketing strategy by integrating it with the existing one or you want to change your approach to improve results, I can help you with the development of a multilingual digital strategy that takes into account the business objectives, the target to be achieved based on the market, your total budget and your budget for each specific channel.

As a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist, I’m responsible for developing solutions to meet my client’s brand objectives based on consumer insight and data.

I develop and execute strategies in search marketing, social media, email marketing, content marketing, web marketing, and digital design, leveraging every channel to maximize digital marketing’s overall impact.

I don’t personally deal with Paid Search, but I work closely with other talented colleagues to leverage SEO, PPC, and Content to get the best results.

I offer both stand-alone services and a more comprehensive package that includes all my services as a Digital Strategist.

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Multilingual Digital Strategist Services I Offer

Here’s a sample of some of the services that I offer.

Multilingual SEO

I can implement a global or local SEO campaign for your business to drive more traffic, increase conversion rates and build your brand. Check my services as a freelance SEO consultant.

Customised SEO and Localization Courses

I design and develop customized courses on the topics of International and Multilingual SEO, with a special flair for courses on Localization and SEO. I can cover the strategic, technical, and project management aspects to ensure you get the most out of your internationalization effort.

SEO and Localization Project Management

I’ve been managing teams for over 20 years. I’m a Certified Project Manager with years of experience in multiple industries. I collaborate with team members to move projects from start to finish by evaluating risks and budgets and coordinating people. I apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) frameworks to plan, execute, monitor, and finalize every Project by integrating the Agile method for a better workflow. Check my services as a Project Manager.

Multilingual Content Marketing

I can build a library of content for you, no matter the industry you operate in, to ensure your business will benefit from it. I’ve been helping companies with content for ages, and I still think that the power of content marketing is infinitely superior to any other marketing tool. Check my services as a freelance content writer.

Multilingual Digital Branding & Online PR

I can help you find your voice online and offline to become recognizable and trustable. I have a huge database of contacts in different languages and countries, so I can create relationships that help your brand’s message explode online.

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