Giving a fixed price to my work is like trying to give a definition of happiness and that’s why on this page you will not find any indication about prices and quotes.

What I do, in fact, it is to build the estimates based on the needs of those who have contacted me, trying in this way to establish a trusted and personal relationship.

Basically we can start with these formulas:

* Package of hours: you buy my consultancy for XX hours weekly/monthly/once and every time I work for you we will take away the hours from the total;

* Package per project: you give me a project and, according to the timing we will define together (short, medium or long term) I’ll deliver turnkey over to you;

* Ongoing package: you recruit me as your consultant treating me exactly as if I was one of your employees and, according to what you want me to do, we plan pay and commitment.

But since the customization of the experience is my main goal, I always prefer to get out of these three standards and work with my customers to find the ideal solution.