10 easy ways to reward your loyal customers, readers and followers

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If you’re looking for ideas on to reward your loyal customers, keep reading this article as I show you 10 easy ways to reward your best readers, clients or followers.

Have you ever thought to reward your clients’ loyalty or your top readers/followers? If not, it’s time you sit down and think about ways to make them feel appreciated and nurtured. Most fans, readers or clients come and go, but there’s a small percentage of them who are loyal to you, your brand and your services. That’s why they deserve to be rewarded.

These are some ideas to show appreciation to your clients or fans, without spending too much money or time. These ideas can be executed both by brands (where brands mean companies, but also magazines, etc etc) and bloggers, clearly in different ways.

Write a handwritten, customized note

Send your clients/readers/followers a handwritten note or card to make them feel valued; the more customized the card will be, the better it will be.

Gift card

Send a coffee loving client gift cards to his favorite coffee shop or restaurant. An unexpected gift card, even in a small denomination, will be appreciated and will make your client or your fan feel appreciated.

Send a treat

If you know your client or reader/follower has a particular interest, send him a book from Amazon related to the topic. You can also send him a basket of food if you want to be even more personal.

Become their customer

Make sure you reward your best client by becoming his first customer or his first supporter. You don’t need to ask for a special treat, but make sure you buy products he sells when you have a choice or you support his/her new project. This is the best way to support an ongoing relationship.

Invite your fan to write a guest post on your blog

You special reader can become a special guest for your blog or your internal newsletter: ask him to celebrate with you the reasons why he loves your brand/product so much and share his story. The best way to reward people is to listen to them.

Endorse them on social media

Chat your best client or reader/follower up on social media, becoming their first testimonial. They will be happy to know you’ve given a public shout out, for free!

Offer special discounts

Give him a discount or a coupon to be spent on your services or something you offer (if you’re a blogger and you’ve written a book, for example, this is a good way of rewarding your someone). He will feel loved, you won’t lose anything and instead, your trustability will grow more and more.

Invite to your events

Inviting your clients and/or readers/followers to one of your events can be a good way to reward their loyalty. They don’t have to be treated differently just because guests but make them feel welcomed and let them appreciate what you do in a different way. Humanize your relationship with your client/fan, and both will benefit about this.

Help Customers Learn Something New

To establish your leadership in the market and gain your client and fan even more trustability, make sure you offer them some added value to reward their loyalty. It can be a series of conferences, a panel, a lesson or a course in the area you’re specialized about; the more your customer is educated, the more he will appreciate your job and you will always be a reference point.

Remember special occasions

Greet clients and fans during their special occasions (birthdays, for example) but most of all, create a routine between you and them, greeting the day you’ve signed a contract together or the day your fan had chosen your brand. Just a thank you note can make the difference and help in building a long-term relationship.

Always remember what the Dalai Lama says: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”

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