Online courses in Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Web Marketing

Do you want to start a blog but you do not even know where to start from? Do you want to give a boost to your website but you don’t have any idea where to start from? Do you want to invest in training for your employees but you would also like to avoid the trombones that repeat the same things ever and ever without giving any new and useful knowledge to you and your company?

I love talking and for this reason, I really love doing training, planning them with my clients and making them both funny and educational at the same time. Contact me and tell me your idea so that we can find the ideal solution to your problems; if you do not have problems, we will find the ideal solution to make your business grow!

How can I help you?

Training for business and personal blogs (how, what, why, ROI)
Blogging strategy and publishing schedule
SEO/SEM/CRM: from the basics to the advanced courses
Online marketing: Do & Don’t
Social media management: Do & Don’t

All my courses are customizable to create a truly formative experience for my clients; you can organize courses for a few hours or a whole day(s) and, for those interested, we can even discuss about distance learning courses.

Please note I’m currently preparing all my courses for online learning and I also write customized courses for organizations and individuals, so please send me a request using the form below and I will get in touch to discuss your training needs.