I’m working with the Internet since 2000 and like many other people I started my career working for small magazines and companies until I’ve started to acquire more and more competences and skills and started to work with major Italian and international clients.

Today I work as a freelance content writer and head of editorial projects but also as a journalist for printed media with insights published in major Italian and international trade magazines.

Being a SEO Consultant gives me the opportunity, today like 20 years ago, to challenge myself and try to succeed in this strange world.

Social media and PR manager, I take care of all the aspects of a single project: starting from the definition of the project until the launch without forgetting the follow-up through the promotion, virally, on all major channels of communication.

Translator and marketing manager, I plan and write on demand marketing and editorials plans, I work on the UX of sites and online projects and I plan advertising campaigns and innovative communication campaigns for products, companies and individuals.