SEO-L10N Mentorship

Whether you want to know more about the topic of SEO Localization or you have to integrate Localization into your SEO process (or vice versa), I can help you.

I’ve designed and implemented customized and private courses for multiple companies wanting to explore the intersection between SEO and Localization and wanting to put in place a process to integrate the two teams.

All my courses and training are customized to create a truly formative experience for you; you can ask for long-term or short-term courses and classes, recurring or one-time courses, live or recorded. I can be your consultant on an ongoing basis (and be a part of your team on a long term) or help you set processes and train people. No matter your request, we will work together to create the best experience for you, your team, and your company.

SEO-L10 Mentorship and Implementation Services

  • Multilingual and International SEO Course (from basics to advanced)
  • Search Intent and Keyword Research in Multilingual Environments
  • The Role of Culture in SEO Localization
  • Google Algorithms applied to Localization
  • Using a CAT tool with SEO in mind
  • How to Implement a Translation Memory to Work on SEO Project
  • SEO/Loc/ Technical Requirements and Issues
  • SEO and Localization: Do and Dont’s
  • Differences between SERP, SEM, SEO, and SEA
  • How to Implement a Transparent PjM system
  • And More, based on needs and goals

My SEO-Localization mentorships service does not follow a one-fit-all method; I study each client and need to customize the training and the implementation based on their KPIs, USP, and current and ideal situation.

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